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Upload Form 15H/15G for exemption in TDS

Important update regarding TDS on Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)

As per the Finance Act, 2023, with effect from April 1, 2023, tax is required to deducted by companies on the interest payable to the investors, on the NCDs held by them.

Claiming exemption from TDS

If an investor is eligible for an exemption from TDS deduction, he/she can submit the required documents online.

Here’s how to claim the TDS exemption:

Upload duly filled / completed Form 15G (for an individual aged below 60 years as well as by HUFs or trusts); or 15H (for a senior citizen individual tax assessee), as applicable, along with a self-attested copy of his/her PAN Card by clicking the following links:

Click here to fill Form15G

Click here to fill Form15H

In case you need help

For guidance on filling the form, investors can visit- How to Fill up Form 15G/15H

In case the investor requires any further information/clarifications, if any, he/she may contact Mr. Vinayak Bendal, Investor Relations Officer at 022-62241784 or email at